Finding the right ozone treatment products, systems, and solutions for an existing municipal water treatment effort can be challenging. So many questions circulate in your search for the right vendor. Price is only one aspect of the decision. How reliable are these products? How firmly does the vendor stand behind their products and services? What kind of track record do they have in the marketplace?

Not only has Pinnacle Ozone Solutions built its reputation on the success of its municipal customers, we have collectively more than 100 years experience in the field that led us to actually invent our own approach to ozone use and the totally modular products that deliver for our customers. We maintain and operate one of the world’s only private research and development laboratories dedicated to ozone applications. We understand the municipal bid process and have a long list of success stories we can share with you.


Ensuring a community’s drinking water is safe and potable is among the most important responsibilities of any municipality. While originally developed in 1904, ozone treatment technology has continued to develop as the primary method of disinfecting and treating potable water. Pinnacle Ozone Solutions’ products and methods have contributed to some municipalities seeing increased capacity of treated water of 60% or more. We routinely help municipalities realize reduced unit operating cost of 20% or more. And our fully modular systems feature robust redundancy, minimal yearly maintenance requirements and a 99.9% uptime performance in a significantly smaller footprint.


Treatment of wastewater, or water disinfection using ozone was widely adopted in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. It is a better, more effective, more health, safety, and environmentally conscious way of treating wastewater than using chlorine, which was the standard operating procedure before. Ozone treatment reduces wastewater color, helps remove a wide variety of impurities from iron to manganese, to solid waste and what is known as filamentous sludge. Ozone treatment also helps eliminate bacterial and viral infectious material killing bacteria some 3000-times faster than chlorine. Published studies also show that ozone treatment is effective at removing 90% or more of pharmaceutical residue, the traces of medications that the body does not process and passes through into the sewage system. All of this in a highly effective way that does not produce the toxic THMs that chlorine treatment produces.



In March 2010 the North Burleigh Water Treatment Plant near Bismarck, North Dakota installed a Pinnacle Summit™ Series ozone system. The new system replaces older technology and allows for ozone production and delivery to match real-time demand. Since installation, the new system has helped increase finished water production by over 64% while simultaneously reducing unit-operating cost by over 20%. As of March 2020, the system has over 80,00 hours of total operation with the only downtime for routine annual preventative maintenance.  Annual PM only requires the equipment be down for a few hours.



Pinnacle Ozone completed installation of a 520 lb/d ozone generator system for a new 4.5 MGD water treatment facility in Sanford, FL. The new ozone system provides removal of color, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as part of an innovative ozone + biologically activated carbon (BAC) treatment process. As part of the project, Pinnacle provided a turn-key ozone process including liquid oxygen (LOX) storage, Pinnacle Zenith™ ozone generator, triplex side-stream injection skid, chilled water cooling system, ozone destruct, and complete process controls. Completed with Pinnacle’s latest generation QuadBlock™ ozone generator cells, the system delivers 20% lower energy use than the original design.

water treatment facility in Sanford, FL.


In Summer of 2012 the city of Becancour, QC, Canada installed a Pinnacle Summit Series ozone system. The new system replaces older ozone technology and allows for ozone production and delivery to match real-time demand. Michel Carbonneau, the city’s superintendent of environmental health and one of the industry’s top treatment plant operators, was looking for a new ozone technology. Finding Pinnacle’s ozone system at an American trade show created a buzz, and immediately impressed him after seeing the system first hand at another facility. The system’s modularity, low maintenance, and process control, has led Michel to recommending our system, and sharing his experience to the industry since it’s successful installation.

Becancour, QC, Canada

Palm Coast WTP#3, FL

The City of Palm Coast, FL limited its ability to recover RO concentrate at WTP #3. In order to recover the concentrate stream and achieve secondary color standards the City installed a new Pinnacle Summit™ Series ozone system in the fall of 2014. In an innovative and unique treatment application, this ozone pre-treated concentrate stream is directed to the City’s lime softening facility and processed as an alternative water source. Initial results from the ozone treatment system have exceeded performance goals. Pinnacle provided a complete and fully integrated ozone system including an onsite oxygen generation system, side stream injection, closed loop chiller, and an off gas ozone destruct unit. The entire system was delivered and substantially completed in less than 12 weeks in order to meet the deadlines for project funding.

City of Palm Coast, FL - Water Treatment Plant Photo