Hidden Springs Pilot Case Study

This Case Study explores Hidden Springs Water Treatment Facility's pursuit of better water quality. Treating 2 to 3 million gallons daily, the facility faced high hydrogen sulfide levels initially managed by tray aeration. Collaborating with Pinnacle and TetraTech, they piloted an ozone study as an alternative.

TetraTech, known for engineering and consulting, led a pilot system targeting reduced hydrogen sulfide and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels. This study combined ozone and other methods to improve water quality.

Superior Fresh Case Study
Superior Fresh is the first farm in the United States to produce Atlantic salmon in conjunction with leafy greens. The company's mission is a sustainable, earth-friendly aquaculture system where 99.9% of the water is recycled.
Orlando Drum 1,4 Dioxane Remediation Case Study
In January of 2021, Orlando Drum & Container (located in Central Florida) installed a Pinnacle Zenith 20 Up System with an Advanced Oxidation Process using hydrogen peroxide. Required groundwater testing for contaminants revealed this organization had to remove difficult to eliminate impurities in water caused by their particular industry.
Becancour, QC, Canada
In the summer of 2012, Becancour, QC, Canada, installed a Pinnacle Summit series ozone system. The new system replaced older ozone technology, allowing for ozone production and delivery to match real-time demand. Michel Carbonneau, the city’s superintendent of environmental health and one of the industry’s top treatment plant operators, was looking for a new ozone technology. Finding Pinnacle’s ozone system at an American trade show created a buzz and immediately impressed him after seeing the system first hand at another facility. The system’s modularity, low maintenance, and process control have led Michel to...
Burleigh, ND
Sanford, FL