Ensuring safe and clean water for communities.


Optimizing industrial processes with ozone technology.


Promoting healthier aquatic environments.

Discover the Pinnacle Advantage

Experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and innovation with Pinnacle Ozone Solutions. Our cutting-edge ozone technology is designed to meet the highest standards and exceed your expectations.


Fully automated, self-protecting, and 25% more efficient than the closest competitor.


Our systems are fully automated and self-protecting, ensuring consistent performance and minimal downtime.


Flexible, modular designs allow for easy scalability to meet the growing demands of your operations.


Built-in redundancy within a single system—eliminating the need for complex N+1 architectures.

Cost Savings

Save 20-40% on your existing ozone system operating costs by switching to Pinnacle Ozone.

Our Valued Clients

Discover how our ozone systems have transformed industries. Explore our case studies for detailed success stories

About Us

Headquartered in Cocoa, FL, Pinnacle Ozone Solutions boasts over a century of combined expertise in the design and operation of advanced ozone systems. Our journey began with a firm belief: to achieve superior ozone technology, we needed to innovate from within. By merging two visionary companies, we have developed the most flexible, reliable, and efficient ozone generation technology on the market. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver, service, and support our products better than anyone else in the industry. Proudly serving the US and Canada, we are dedicated to enhancing water and air quality for a healthier planet.