Ozone is an essential part of a life-support filtration system for aquaculture facilities. Ozone’s oxidizing capability, short residual times and minimal by-products makes it ideal for disinfection and water purification in aquaculture processes. The application of ozone in the water filtration system serves as a means for disinfection, organic breakdown, color removal and the reduction of nitrogen by oxidation (i.e. ammonia and nitrite ions). Oxygen, necessary for the fish in grow out tanks, is provided as part of the injection of oxygen/ozone gas mixture. Ozone’s fast reactivity, oxidative strength, disinfection power and lack of harmful oxidation by-products plays an important role in life support systems for the aquaculture industry.

Pinnacle Ozone provides rugged, reliable systems to meet the most mission-critical applications. Pinnacle’s process controls and complete online monitoring offer facilities precise control and failsafe automation to ensure the best results. Our systems are supplied with manual and automatic process controls, data collection, and remote monitoring that simplifies operations and reduces cost at your facility. Pinnacle’s systems can be adapted to new or existing applications of any capacity. All Pinnacle Ozone systems are precision engineered and built by our UL 508A Listed Panel Shop and ISO9001 Registered manufacturing process backed by the support of our national network of service professionals.


  • Maintains the Highest Level of Water Quality
  • Oxidizes Ammonia & Nitrite Residuals
  • Bacterial & Viral Disinfection
  • Oxidizes Organics and Microorganisms
  • De-colorization of Water


  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Aquariums



“My experience with the Pinnacle Ozone has been nothing but positive. Pinnacle installed their Peak 1.5 Kg/hr ozone generator at our Phase I Fish House over 3 years ago. Low-dose ozonation of our RAS flows and disinfection of connecting flows has been essential to maintain both pristine water quality and biosecurity in our salmon and leafy green producing aquaponic systems. We found that a single Pinnacle ozone generation system provides reliable ozone production and delivery to multiple points of use with minimal maintenance costs. Pinnacle’s modular technology along with their strong system integration expertise clearly separates them from the rest of the pack. We’re so pleased with the Pinnacle product and the value it brings to our operation that we have a much larger Pinnacle Summit Ozone Generator and distribution control system arriving soon for our Phase II Fish House Expansion!” 

Dr. Steven Summerfelt, PhD, PE
Chief Science Officer
Superior Fresh LLC

Photo- inside SUPERIOR FRESH FISH HATCHERY - photo of ozone machine

Coleman National Fish Hatchery

In July 2020, the Coleman National Fish Hatchery in Redding, California, installed two 600 ppd Pinnacle Zenith Style Ozone Generators with a total capacity of 1200 ppd. These state-of-the-art ozone generators replaced the existing legacy tube and shell generators, making the Reliable System Operation 26 percent more power-efficient.

Photo- Coleman National Fish Hatchery - photo of ozone machine