The Pinnacle Story

Headquartered in Cocoa, Fl, Pinnacle Ozone Solutions’ staff has more than 100 years of experience in the design and operation of ozone systems. Our expertise led us to the firm belief that the only way to obtain better ozone technology was to create it ourselves. We married two unique companies with a clear vision to develop the most flexible, reliable, and efficient ozone generation technology available. At Pinnacle Ozone Solutions, we commit to deliver, service and support our products better than anyone else in the industry.


Pinnacle Ozone Solutions World Headquarters in Cocoa, Florida
Pinnacle Ozone Solutions is headquartered in Cocoa, FL, at the heart of Florida’s Space Coasts’ high-technology corridor. Our 42,000 square foot facility is exclusively devoted to ozone system design, development, manufacturing, and testing, and is home to our 70+ staff.

Pinnacle Research & Development Laboratories in Eustis, Florida
Located just north of Orlando, FL, Pinnacle Research & Development Laboratories (PRDL) is one of the world’s only private laboratory facilities devoted exclusively to ozone application, research, and development. The laboratory is equipped with a multitude of ozone generators, injection systems, reactor vessels, and analytical equipment necessary to evaluate a wide range of water, wastewater, gas-phase, and specialty ozone applications. While most testing is conducted on 1-4 liter samples, the facility can accommodate testing of up to 3,000-gallon samples for highly demanding applications. The PRDL facility is also equipped with a state-of-the-art complement of analytical instrumentation for ozone, wet chemistry, and biological assay testing.

Pinnacle QuadBlock® Ozone Cell Manufacturing Facility Racine, Wisconsin
Pinnacle produces its QuadBlock® ozone cells at a dedicated 20,000 ft²  facility in Racine, WI. Co-located with Plasma Technics, Inc., this facility integrates, tests, and delivers over 5,000 ozone generator cells, high-voltage power supplies, control boards, and other specialty ozone system components each year. The facility also houses a specialty high-voltage power supply and ozone cell testing laboratory.

Our Team


Charles E. “Chuck” Smith, CEO
As co-founder and CEO, Chuck Smith brings over 28 years of experience as an inventor and entrepreneur to Pinnacle Ozone and established its charter to deliver better technology, products, and support to the ozone industry. Chuck has a long history as a technology visionary and is one of the inventors of the Guardian automotive ignition interlock. He then went on to discover a series of high-tech companies offering advanced industrial automation projects to various Fortune 500 companies, NASA, and the US Military.

Beyond his extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, Chuck is a community leader in the Space Coast area and involved with numerous civic and faith-based charities as well as school organizations. Chuck is also heavily involved with his Alma Mater, the University of Mississippi, where he is a member of the Engineering Vision Council. 

Ralph “Bud” Francis, P.E. CTO

Ralph “Bud” Francis, P.E. CTO
As a co-founder of Pinnacle Ozone, Bud is the engineering genius behind our groundbreaking QuadBlock® ozone technology. In addition to helping direct Pinnacle Ozone, Bud is the founder and CEO of Plasma Technics, Inc. (PTI), in Racine, WI. PTI has been a world-leading supplier of high-energy power supply components for the ozone and other high-energy physics industries for the past 25 + years. Before establishing PTI and Pinnacle, Bud was Director of Engineering and R&D for a Fortune 500 company. Beyond his technical genius, Bud is a lover of all things of technical beauty, is a pilot, and collector of vintage muscle cars.

Ralph “Bud” Francis, P.E. CTO

Steven A. “Steve” Smith, CFO
Steve Smith is the Chief Financial Officer for Pinnacle Ozone and brings over 20 years of experience as a business and financial manager. Steve’s early involvement in the automotive industry established his credentials in lean manufacturing and efficient supply chain operations. From there, he branched out into several other sectors where he was responsible for developing and implementing ERP based advanced automation systems to streamline operations and financial results. For the past 12 years, Steve has served as CFO and Director of Engineering for Pinnacle’s sister company Guardian Manufacturing.

During this time, Steve has directed projects for Owens Corning, ATI Metals, NASA, and multiple military-defense related industries.

Steve is very active in the community and faith-based activities in the Space Coast region. He is also a board member at the University of Mississippi.