The Superior Fresh Factory

Superior Fresh is the first farm in the United States to produce Atlantic salmon in conjunction with leafy greens. The company’s mission is a sustainable, earth-friendly aquaculture system where 99.9% of the water is recycled. Fish waste nutrients are reclaimed by growing the organic leafy greens resulting in zero waste-water discharge. Dr. Steven Summerfelt, Chief Science Officer at Superior Fresh, has worked with Pinnacle Ozone Generation Systems for two decades. Five years ago, Pinnacle Ozone Solutions provided his team with “by far the most superior ozone system solution we have ever had.” Ozone breaks down the tannins in the water, allowing it to be clear instead of tea-colored, and removes the organic materials and fine solids which other inferior systems do not remove. The result is clear and clean water. Putting faith and trust into the Pinnacle Ozone system for producing optimal results 24/7, the Superior Fresh team is so impressed with the ozone solution they’ve dubbed it “Vitamin O” because it creates a thriving underwater environment for the fish. Fortunately for Superior Fresh, even after a lightning bolt struck the facility and took down other systems, the easy-to-maintain Pinnacle equipment was so robust and reliable that it continued to work uninterrupted. “We have no example of when it failed or we had a lack of service so I feel very confident saying that we’ve had an excellent experience,” said Dr. Summerfelt (2022).