The Superior Fresh Factory
This Case Study explores Hidden Springs Water Treatment Facility’s pursuit of better water quality. Treating 2 to 3 million gallons daily, the facility faced high hydrogen sulfide levels initially managed by tray aeration. Collaborating with Pinnacle and TetraTech, they piloted an ozone study as an alternative.
TetraTech, known for engineering and consulting, led a pilot system targeting reduced hydrogen sulfide and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels. This study combined ozone and other methods to improve water quality.
Pinnacle provided crucial ozone systems and expertise, aiming for a scalable, cost-effective system. Their success showcased ozone’s efficacy in eliminating hydrogen sulfide, which is vital before larger implementation.
The success of this pilot study holds significant weight, validating the process’s functionality before broader integration. Overall, the collaboration between Hidden Springs Water, TetraTech, and Pinnacle showcased the viability of ozone-based water treatment, promising enhanced water quality solutions for larger-scale implementation.