Pinnacle Engineers have designed revolutionary, process optimized, and energy efficient ozone systems for industrial water, wastewater treatment and commercial ozone applications. Ranging in output from 20 to 1000+ lbs. of ozone production per day, the compactly integrated QuadBlock® ozone generators, combined with a patented and unique balanced power supply design, allow precision PLC process control via an intuitive user touch screen interface. The QuadBlock® systems operate above 20,000 Hz which increases system efficiency and also results in considerably less audible noise compared to most other ozone generators in the industry.

Pinnacle's Peak, Summit, and Zenith series feature system footprints that are 15-35% smaller in area & volume of existing, shipping container sized ozone technologies, plus they are 15-25% more energy efficient. The US and Internationally patented systems generate ozone with QuadBlock® Corona Discharge ozone generators while avoiding the typical heavy stainless steel weldments (housing glass tubes) used by other ozone manufacturers.

Peak, Summit and Zenith systems are designed for continuous operation such that individual QuadBlocks can be isolated, safely removed, and a new QuadBlock reinstalled in about 20 minutes with minimal downtime. Highest efficiency, smallest footprint, built-in additional ozone capacity/redundancy, continuous operation. Pinnacle Ozone Solutions. We Deliver.

Please visit our products and application pages to learn more about the capabilities of our range of ozone systems. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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